"Color Effective - 107 Shades for Perfect Coloring

Excellent adherence to hair, total coverage of white hair, full color and exceptional long lasting depth of tone. A complete line for a delicate and reliable technical service: a combination of natural extracts and Vitamin C in Nouvelle® color nourish and moisturize hair, making it bright, shiny and silky.

Nouvelle New Generation products are precisely formulated to be the finest in the world.  Botanically-derived, earth-friendly and nourishing, the colors are famous for 100% grey coverage.  The shampoos and conditioners are ph balanced, and the wide variety of back bar and supporting retail lines make wanting to "buy it all" way too real."



"Lively - The Evolution of Color

Its special ammonia-free, PPD-free formula does not attack hair and does not irritate the scalp. Lively is not a simple coloring cream, it is a true nourishing treatment that takes care of hair with its natural active ingredients. Two beauty allies from nature: sweet almond oil and extract of lotus flower, known since ancient times for their soothing, emollient, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.

Even if you are using another company's color line, there is no reason why you should not have this product in your salon. You do not want to turn away a new or returning customer who indicates a sensitivity to hair coloring. The absence of ammonia and PPD almost guarantees irritation-free color that is long-lasting. "



"Touch - Tone on Tone Coloring without Ammonia


The natural highlights give charm to hair. Touch is the delicate tone on tone coloring without ammonia, which enhances the natural hair color, reviving highlights in the same tone. Color pigments actually bond only to the outer part of the hair, generating deeper shades and intensifying the natural base."




Semi-permanent coloring for soft, pastel shades. The effect and shine of the shades change depending on the base hair color, and the addition of Diamond Clear. Best results are achieved on ultra light hair. Order all six tints, Diamond Clear, and Catalyst, to start. For a softer, lighter result, mix the color with Diamond to reduce the intensity. Extraordinary sheen to the hair can be achieved simply by using Diamond without mixing it with other shades. PPD and resorcinal free, the creamy consistency and pigmentation lends exceptional softness, richness of tone and luminosity.



ESLABONDEXX™ Color stands out for its range of beautiful, bright, unique colors, with faceted reflections, thanks to the combination of three different technologies.


ESLABONDEXX™ Protection System

The ESLABONDEXX™ Protection System contains a mix of amino acids with an antipollutant and anti-aging effect, such as:

• phytoceramids: enhance the hair’s “barrier function”, improve its appearance and strengthen the structure;

• soy isoflavones: stimulate cell turnover and keratin renewal;

• N-acetyl cysteine: acts as a precursor of biological defenses with respect to external aggression.


Liquid Crystal Emulsion

Liquid Crystal Emulsion promotes better distribution of the hair colorant in the tint and their rapid, effective diffusion inside the hair. The result is an intense, lasting coloration and an extremely brilliant effect.


Mix of Very Pure Pigments

The pigments are selected so as to extract only those performing better and with the highest degree of purity. This selection criterion ensures stability of highlights. Moreover, thanks to the particular mode of pigment deposit, a three dimensional result is obtained; this ensures total coverage of white hair, while giving an extremely natural effect.



The synergy of these different technologies allows for strong, healthy, protected and far brighter hair."



ESLABONDEXX™ - The Time for Hair Breakage is Over

PREVENT HAIR DAMAGE!  Don't simply repair it.  Using ESLABONDEXX™ strengthens the hair bonds to prevent damage and breakage from every chemical treatment. Mix it with color or bleach, or use it with perms, straighteners, or color correctors without modifications to your formulation or processing times.  Your customers will love the result.  This is break-through technology you won't find anywhere else.  


ESLABONDEXX™ is also used as a stand-alone treatment for damaged hair, and after a non-color treatment to prevent damage.  Since a root touch-up does not reach the most damaged part of the hair, use ESLABONDEXX™ on all the hair after the touch-up, for damage protection and as a restorative for the previously treated areas.  Both you and your customer will love the result!





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