If you’ve been thinking about getting eyelash extensions, then you might have a few questions. In this article, the team at EYMA Salon and Spa in Bethesda covers some of the things you need to know before you say ‘yes’ to eyelash extensions!


First, there are different materials. If you have allergies to certain materials, for instance, let your tech know. They can likely use a synthetic eyelash extension that won’t cause irritation. Many people worry about the process itself, and while it does take about two hours for a full set of lash extensions, there’s no pain or discomfort involved.


You’ll need to come in every two or three weeks for a touch up, however.


After you get eyelash extensions, you can wear makeup, but when it comes to mascara, try to use water-based only and avoid waterproof mascara. Don’t get your eyelashes wet for the first day or two, and avoid any oil-based eye products. Cream based eyeliners can also damage your eyelash extensions.


When taking off makeup from around the eyes, don’t use a cotton product - it could snag an extension and actually pull it out. Use an oil-free lash cleanser to clean your lash extensions, and use lash topcoat to protect against buildup.


Getting eyelash extensions is really as easy as that, and the results really are amazing. If you’ve been thinking about getting eyelash extensions, contact Eyma Salon & Spa in Bethesda to get started!


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