There is a huge difference between the average hair salon and the best hair salon, sadly Bethesda is littered with average hair salons. This matter should not be taken lightly; we ought to pay attention to the hair salon we choose as our go-to solution.

Most salons nowadays are handicapped; they use old tools and practice poor hygiene. They are hiding behind that fancy signboard, disguised soothing words, and candy as a parting gift. It can be challenging to recognize a good hair salon in Bethesda that one can entrust the care of their hair to; indeed, the hair is part beauty to any man or woman. And there are qualities to be considered before calling that salon “the best.”





Any hairstylist digging or fumbling through drawers for products or tools is disorganized. Such places are bound to be littered with hair; a professional stylist will present tools without the hair of their previous clients hanging around; they will have a tidy station, which is cleaned as soon as they are done with a client. Another thing to look out for is the flow of the salon as a whole, are they understaffed? Do they let people cut the wait? How often do hiccups occur from the beginning of the reservation to the end?



Operation hours


Most people think flexible hours are ideal for hair salons, but the truth about this is that salons like that could close at any time. A salon with fixed schedules knows no emergency. There is hardly a time they are closed unnecessarily; they will always be open within their timeframe and there will be back up stylists in case of emergency. The customer’s job here is to check out the time and book an appointment that suits their schedule.





Customers should take note of the environment. The floors ought to be swept, the waiting area should be free of dust, and the restroom should be sparkling clean. This shows how well the management takes care of the tools and themselves.



Modern tech/tools


Times have changed. All hair salons in Bethesda should have a website where customers can book appointments effortlessly, a software to track a client’s schedule and preferences. And the tools are not left out, updating tools and products show that the salon aims to deliver the best service. So, make sure your hair is not curled with the 1990 curler!




Professional stylists


Without an experienced hairstylist, there is no hair salon. Customers come for top-notch hairstyling and not sorry tales. A good salon will show photos of the stylist’s previous work. Free to ask if they go on regular training to improve and add to their skills; after all, stylists are required by state law to do so.



The atmosphere


A salon with beautiful decor, clean mirrors, soothing music or a friendly stylist, is the best place to get one’s hair done. Bored looking stylist is a red flag, salon visits are supposed to be fun and enjoyable.



Appearance matters


The hairstylist should represent his or her status. Any stylist with unkempt hair or dirty clothing should not be allowed to their station; if a stylist is ill, there ought to be a fill-in staff, to avoid compromise.

Excitingly, Eyma Salon and Spa is one of the hair salons in Bethesda that possesses these qualities. With their years of experience in the beauty industry, they know how to treat their customers right.

Delivering exceptional services with talented stylists that go on regular hair beauty training; equipped with modernized tools and not to mention quality & affordable services plus hours specially curated to fit into one’s schedule. Why withstand the horrors of an average salon when Eyma Salon and Spa is the best hair salon in Bethesda?


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